A Sweet Start to the Year: Delectable French Desserts

One should always start a new year with some sweetness. As we recover from the festive season and get back into the daily grind, it’s easy to let the joy seep out of our lives. The thought alone is incompatible with the French approach to food – and, by extension, life. There is joy to be found in the little, everyday pleasures, not just the big moments. Nothing exemplifies that more than desserts.

Some say that the measure of a good French restaurant in NYC is its desserts. Deceptively simple yet rich in sophisticated flavors, French desserts require impeccable technique and meticulous attention to detail. Seize the opportunity to end your meal on a sweet note to set the right tone for the new year with the Jacques Brasserie dessert menu.

Crème Brûlée & The Art of Indulgence

A Slice of Perfection: La Tarte Aux Pommes Fine

The crème brûlée might be the linchpin of the desserts on a French restaurant menu, but a good tarte fine is a strong contender for the quintessential French treat. This shallow, thin-based puff pastry tart is usually made with fruit or vegetables, with apples being the original and best. The stunning spiral presentation is a feast for the eyes, and the tart more than delivers for the taste buds, too.

Any meal would count itself lucky to be finished with a slice of Tarte Aux Pommes Fines fresh out of the oven. This is the apple pie made elegant, distilling it down to its delicious essence – soft, sweet apple, spicy cinnamon, and crisp pastry. Paired with a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream, it makes for a wonderful light counterpoint to a rich, savory main course.

The Decadent Delight Of A Chocolate Terrine

If you really want to indulge, look no further than the White and Dark Valrhona Chocolate Terrine. Using only the finest Valrhona chocolate, this velvety dessert balances sweetness and richness for a decadent taste experience you won’t soon forget. This is one for the chocolate lovers. 

Made with layers of whipped chocolate ganache, it combines the sweetness of white chocolate with the fruity bitterness of dark chocolate in delectable harmony. The tartness of our raspberry sorbet offsets the rich creaminess, providing the ideal flavor counterpoint. This is a celebration on a plate, and no New Year’s resolution should hold you back from enjoying every mouthful.

Rise to Any Occasion With a Soufflé

Few desserts are as intimidating as the soufflé, its signature puffed top vulnerable to even the smallest kitchen missteps. If French cuisine is characterized by attention to detail and devotion to technique and precision, then the soufflé is surely one of its crowning achievements. In addition, to sustain its delicate height, a soufflé must always be à la minute – made to order, delivered with care straight from oven to table.

No matter how many times you may have had it before, digging your fork into this airy dessert is always a thrill. The Bittersweet Valrhona Chocolate Soufflé takes the classic taste experience and elevates it with a swirl of premium Valrhona chocolate. Served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, it’s not hard to see why Julia Child called the soufflé “the epitome and the triumph of French cookery.”

Welcome the New Year at Jacques Brasserie