Authentic French Restaurant Reservation, NYC

We accept a limited number of reservations up to one month in advance for parties of up to ten guests.

A Charming Private Event Restaurant on the Upper East Side

If you’re planning an event, you’ll find that New York has plenty of restaurant venue options. It makes googling “private event restaurants near me” a little daunting. But knowing what to look for in a venue can ease the journey. 
You’ll want to consider the venue’s capacity and seating arrangements, while ensuring it offers a delectable menu with drinks to match. You’ll also want the venue to be warm, welcoming, and of course – beautiful. What’s more, a restaurant’s history and reputation are key, and at Jacques Brasserie, we’ve made sure to tick all the boxes. 

First-Class Settings For Your Special Events 

The Big Room

If you’re looking for a French restaurant that offers private events, Jacques Brasserie can host small and large gatherings. Our Big Room is perfect for corporate events, baby showers, sophisticated events (and more!). It comfortably seats up to 60 guests. 

The Small Room

If you’re planning something more intimate, our Small Room seats up to 15 guests and is great for celebratory dinners or cocktail parties. Treat your guests to a variety of starters, mains, and desserts, and make newfound memories at this special event venue in NYC.

Customizable Menu & Beverage Selections

On top of our French cuisine classics, there’s a drink to complement each meal. Beverage packages are an excellent way to simplify and plan for your event, and we can customize our drink menu to suit your event’s requirements.
Of course, we’ve got to talk about the food. Our chef creates everything in-house, producing classic French dishes that are lovingly made and beautifully served. One of our client favorites is our ‘Escargots,’ or snails, deliciously drizzled with garlic, butter, and parsley. There’s also the pork and duck pate, paired with dijon mustard and cornichons, and served on a baguette. Then there’s the wide selection of seafood, from oysters to salmon to shrimp. Top these off with a side or salad, and end it with dessert! 
Say the word, and we’ll customize the food menu for your event, too. We’re more than happy to work around you, making substitutes for dietary requirements if desired.

Top Coordinators For Upper East Side Private Dining

A neighborhood gem that’s perfect for special occasions, we’ve been serving French classics to happy customers for more than 15 years. Our restaurant offers private event services, and our team’s accustomed to catering to groups. Overall, we understand that an incredible dining experience requires something more. 
It’s why our menu, drinks, and setting are exceptional, and we always go the extra mile. At Jacques Brasserie, we make sure that each guest feels welcome and cared for, leaving fully satisfied every time.

Book Your Special Event With Our Expert Team

Committed to serving the finest local and seasonal products, prepared in a stylish yet simple manner, Jacques Brasserie is dedicated to creating a delicious event your guests will savor. French food has never been so tasty, and event planning has never been so easy.

Contact our team, and let’s talk about your event requirements.