French Restaurant in Upper East Side: A Food Lover’s Paradise

Other cuisines have their appeal, but French cooking is all about letting the food’s natural flavors shine. That’s one of the reasons for its enduring popularity and why it’s a staple of chef training all over the world. To make good French food, you must get to know your ingredients and become passionate about them. French cuisine isn’t just for fancy occasions – it’s for food lovers all around.

As a French restaurant on the Upper East Side, we embrace this approach wholeheartedly. French food is known for its sophisticated culinary artistry, but the real star of the show is the rich flavors found in every dish. It’s deceptively simple food, made with attention to detail, from selecting the ingredients to the elegant plating and even the decor around you. Overall, a French meal is one worth savoring.

Taste the True French Cuisine

The marker of authentic French cuisine isn’t using the language on the menu; it’s about what happens in the kitchen. When the cuisine’s approach is all about highlighting the food’s own flavors, the quality of the ingredients is of utmost importance. Only the finest, freshest produce will do. Using high-quality local ingredients ensures that they spend as little time in transit as possible, retaining the maximum flavor and nutritional value.

Once the ingredients reach the kitchen, that’s where the French culinary magic begins. Age-old techniques perfected by the masters of the art throughout the generations are the order of the day, ensuring that each element of every dish is prepared to our exacting standards. French restaurants on NYC’s Upper East Side and around the world can be judged on the quality of the work done in the kitchen – there is no room to hide. Simple as the finished product might seem, the ultimate French cuisine accepts nothing short of excellence.

Menu Options You’ll Adore

Any French restaurant on the Upper East Side worth its salt will have a few iconic dishes on the menu. One such dish is Escargots, perhaps the food most associated with France in popular culture. Served in a delectable buttery garlic and parsley sauce, this will wipe away any hesitations beginners might have when it comes to eating snails. In fact, from our Steak Frites, made with certified Black Angus beef sourced from local farms, to the Duck Confit, served on a bed of polenta, every dish is a treat.

Our Famous French Onion Soup

It’s often said that while the French didn’t invent onion soup, they perfected it. The story goes that King Louis XV once returned from a long hunt with a ravenous appetite, and the only food available in his hunting lodge was onions, butter, and champagne. So, he combined them to make himself a hearty soup. Of course, this story is more myth than history.

A French onion soup is traditionally topped with cheese, browned, and melted to perfection before serving. At Jacques Brasserie, we use a house blend of three French cheeses to create this iconic crust. There’s basically nothing better than a bowl of Soupe à L’oignon with a crusty baguette on the side.

Wines That Steal the Show

If there’s one thing that’s more famous than French food, it’s French wines. Considered a global standard, nothing quite compares to the products of France’s historic vineyards. Wine is a surefire way to make a meal feel extra special, more like a celebration than merely refueling your body. Sipping a wine slowly to allow the flavors to mature on your tongue epitomizes the French approach to food, taking time and care to produce and then enjoy magnificent dishes. 

We celebrate this part of French heritage with our well-stocked wine cellar, featuring vintages from the most highly-regarded wine-producing regions in the world. Our sommelier and knowledgeable bar staff can advise you on the best pairing for your meal, or, if you choose, you can simply order your favorite to enjoy.

Feel the Charm of this Upper East Side French Restaurant

When your food is delivered to your table, you’ll be able to see why Jacques Brasserie is among the best French restaurants on the Upper East Side. Our care and attention to detail are a testament to the passion for French cuisine that every member of our staff feels. We work together as a team to deliver a high-quality, authentic experience every time you visit.

Why wait for a special occasion? Make your next reservation for brunch, lunch, or dinner and celebrate life with food – just like the French!

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